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How to order products
1. Click ‘Shop’ in the top menu to navigate to the page.
2. Click the product you want to purchase to go to its detail page.
3. Select the quantity and click the ‘Cart’ button.
4. Click the ‘cart icon’ or ‘view cart’ in the top menu.
5. Check the items in your order and click the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button.
6. Fill out the order form and click ‘Confirm Order’ to begin shipping with your final payment.
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Shipping information
Your order will be shipped by courier.
You should receive it in 3-5 days from the day you paid.
– 3-5 days after deposit confirmation for online deposits
– 3 to 5 days after order when paying by credit card
* Delivery may be delayed due to carrier availability.
If the exchange or return is due to a change of heart, you’re responsible for shipping costs.
If the exchange or return is due to an item being defective, the seller is responsible for shipping costs.
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