Client: PACK × RKRN

Date: 2022/10

We propose a new form and system of "minimal cultural space" display cases that allow people to enjoy culture, hobbies, and tastes in everyday life. The structure, which consists of transparent acrylic panels and aluminum brackets, may appear simple, but we have enhanced its stability and fastening strength, allowing for easy replacement with panels of any size and material in the future. Users can engage in interior decoration of this 'minimal cultural space,' almost like becoming curators, by altering the finishes and decorating the interior. It possesses versatility, allowing for easy expansion even as the number of exhibited works increases or when replacing them.


Under the slogan “How to Use Art,” PACK has been introducing and informing the public on how to access and utilize contemporary art more easily. The idea of lightening their exhibition system used in exhibition halls and creating exhibition furniture for everyday use was realized through the collaboration with RKRN.