Wash Block


Client: Miicon

Date: 2021/10

We have designed three objects that can create a powder room where Miicon's Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), known for its incredibly strong durability and surprisingly elegant finish that is almost unbelievable for concrete, meets metal. A stackable block that can be used as a partition, a square pillar object with storage capability, and a washbasin where you can see the flow of water. Concrete can serve as the frame and, through various combinations with metal attachments, provide functionality. It can be used as planters or containers.



Concrete is resistant to moisture and durable, making it suitable for long-term use even in extreme environments. Concrete blocks, which are molded and cured in factories and then assembled on-site by stacking, are sometimes reinforced with steel bars to create retaining walls. They are also stacked between columns and beams to serve as partition walls that do not bear loads. Additionally, designs with hollow shapes are utilized as screen walls, adding patterns and decoration. We aim to not only use these concrete blocks as a motif for masonry walls but also to extend their use into furniture.




Product Name WASH BLOCK _Type1
Work with Studio Miicon
Material UHPC & Aluminum
Design RKRN, Seoul
Size 190W 90D 190H
Origin Korea