Project RKRN12

For a longer-lasting and more delightful life

The furniture we use is the result of someone’s need, someone’s creativity, and someone’s craftsmanship. Although there are plenty of options available on the market, there are still people who choose to spend more time and money to create the furniture they need with their own ideas.

RKRN’s unique product development
Project RKRN12

We conduct interviews with people who have a deep passion for their hobbies, and then create furniture based on that.
The furniture is designed by RKRN and only 12 pieces are produced.

First project
: A bookshelf that can hold a fish tank placed on it.

This bookshelf reflects the preferences of the poet Park Se-mi.
Along with the request for a small bookshelf that can hold a fish tank, the requirements were very specific.

– A bookshelf that can hold an aquarium for ornamental shrimp
– At a height where poetry collections can be placed
– A shelf to place pens, stationery, etc. when not holding a fish tank